Hotline Complaint Form

Anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct, or mismanagement involving the U.S. Department of the Interior should call or write the Office of Inspector General's Hotline (please choose the method of contact which best suits you):

  • Telephone - OIG Hotline's Toll Free Number: 1-800-424-5081
  • Fax - Complete and submit the Complaint Form to:
    703-487-5402 (Attention: Hotline Operations)
  • US Mail - Complete and submit the Complaint Form to:
    Office of Inspector General
    Department of the Interior
    381 Elden Street, Suite 3000
    Attention: Intake Management Unit
  • Herndon, VA 20170
  • E-mail - Complete and submit the Complaint Form by pressing the submit button below:

You may also report fraudulent activities to the nearest regional OIG offices at the following locations:

  • Eastern Regional Office, Herndon, Virginia (703) 487-8051
  • Central Regional Office, Lakewood, Colorado (303) 236-8296
  • Western Regional Office, Sacramento, California (916) 978-5630

Alleged Misconduct

Who committed the alleged misconduct/wrongdoing? (What is the title/position held by the alleged wrongdoer? Please include names, addresses and telephone numbers of victims and witnesses. If providing information concerning contractor or grantee fraud, please provide the name of the primary contractor or sub, type of contract, contract or grant numbers, the date of the award and name of agency official.)

What exactly did the individual(s) do that was wrong? (Please provide specific and relevant details concerning the alleged misconduct/wrongdoing.)

When did the misconduct/wrongdoing occur? (Please provide dates and times,if possible.)

Where did the misconduct/wrongdoing occur? (Please provide the bureau or office, city and state.)

How was the misconduct/wrongdoing committed? (i.e. falsifying documents, etc.)

Do you have first hand knowledge of the misconduct/wrongdoing?

Where can we obtain additional information concerning this misconduct/wrongdoing? (i.e. documents, etc.)

Who else might be aware of this misconduct/wrongdoing? (Please provide names, addresses and telephone numbers) How would this individual know about this?


Are you willing to be interviewed concerning this matter? If so please provide your name, address and telephone number, and the best time to contact you. You can provide contact information for us to follow-up with additional questions and still remain confidential.

Your E-Mail address (optional):(  

If you wish to remain confidential, please select: (For a descripion of Confidentiality, please refer to the \"Your Rights\" page.)

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